A University Degree with No Debt

A University Degree with No Debt

Learn how a student can attend a University without incurring Debt.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a student could attend a good University without incurring student debt?  Do you agree?

Attending a University and incurring a lot of student debt is a disaster for many students these days.

Some students drop out without a degree and others get a degree but still can’t get a high paying job to pay off their debt in a reasonable time, and this debt can not even be discharged with bankruptcy.  Sort of like indentured servitude.

So the question is: How can a student attend a good University without incurring   a lot of student debt?

I answer this question in Chapter 11 “Financial Facts of Life” in a PDF or 23 minute video in my new book, How and Why Homeschool Math can be vastly Superior to Public School Math.  Free from the this site’s homepage.

Here is a summary of my answer:

First, Learn to Learn and acquire a skill that enables you to earn at least $25/Hour in a medium cost town.  I explain how to do this in just a few years that can work for most students. 

It is good to start young, but you can do this anytime. It probably is easier than you think, and it does not involve college or school.

Second, I explain how you can go to College without incurring very much, if any, student debt. 

That’s if you should even go to college, which decision I also give advice on in Chapter 11.  Many should not!  There are many great careers today that do not require a University degree.

If you are interested in any technical field, then this book is especially for you!  You will learn how to very efficiently lay a great foundation for a technical career.

You may find several other Chapters valuable too, especially if you are interested in a STEM career. 

Chapter 6 will tell you how to become better prepared to study any Science or Engineering subject than most typical high school graduates, even those who scored high in AP Calculus.

Just go to our homepage and get your free book before you go down a wrong path you will regret in your future years.