Living the American Dream – Today

Living the American Dream – Today

Learn how anyone can live the American Dream in the 21st Century.

A recent YouTube video from The Hill may have expressed the belief of many of today’s young people, which can lead to a disaster in their lives. But, this belief may be totally wrong! You decide.

“Krystal Ball: The American dream is dead, good riddance.” is the title of a YouTube video from The Hill published June 12, 2020. “Krystal Ball exposes the delusion of the American dream” is the claim of this video.

I say, “Utter Nonsense!”, and I address this in my newest book, “How and Why Homeschool Math can be vastly Superior to Public School Math.”, free in both PDF and Video from the home page of this website.

So just what is “The American Dream”? How about, “The opportunity and ability to earn a good living and live a happy life IF one works hard and lives by the rules.”

“So, just how can any American achieve the American Dream?” one may ask.

In Chapter 11 “Financial Facts of Life” covers this in great detail in. Here is a summary of the answer.

First, Learn to Learn and acquire a skill that enables you to earn at least $25/Hour in a medium cost town. I explain how to do this in just a few years that can work for almost anyone.

It is good to start young, but you can do this anytime. It probably is easier than you think, and it does not involve college or school.

Second, I explain how you can go to College without incurring very much, if any, student debt. That’s if you should even go to college, which decision he also gives advice on. Many should not!

After all, a college degree which does not result in a high paying career and a high student debt is horrible and not the American Dream.

I am a fan of Krystal Ball, but that in this case she is giving young people very bad advice which can lead them down a very dangerous life path.

The American Dream is not free, and does require some wisdom and knowledge to achieve it, which in included in Chapter 11 of my book.

The USA government does have many flaws he agrees with Krystal on, but so long as we keep up our values of Freedom and Law and Order we can all prosper and enjoy the American Dream.

So, if You are worried or confused about how You can achieve your American Dream, read or listen Chapter 11, “Financial Facts of Life” of the book. If you are interested in any technical field, then this book is especially for you!

You may find several other Chapters valuable too, especially if you are interested in a STEM career. Just go to the homepage and get your free book.