As a Mathematician, Businessman, and Teacher, I know the importance of a good math education and the positive effect it can have on one’s life and career path.

My life's Mission is to show you how to give your child an "Optimal 21st Century Math Education."  I explain how you can do this in my new book, "How and Why Homeschooling Math can be Vastly Superior to Public School Math."

To get you started down the right path, I want to give you a gift... a free online program for your Middle/High school student!

A math student’s life can be transformed for less than $25, just $14.99 for this book and a $10 TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator!

Augmented Intelligence is one Key Ingredient for Success for 21st Century Math Students!

Arithmetic Calculations can be a major barrier to acquiring Intelligence IF a student is burdened with the classical obsolete manual arithmetic tools which are difficult to learn, time consuming and error prone. That burden is no longer necessary!

A modern Math Tool like the TI-30Xa is a terrific augmentation to a student’s intelligence IF and WHEN the student Masters it. This book makes this mastery easy and fun for virtually any student.

The “Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator” book contains 15 Basic Lessons plus 5 more Lessons for Trigonometry students and 5 more Lessons for STEM students.  Each Lesson teaches one Topic with Exercises and Answers.  Tutorial videos included.


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