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Workshop Topics:

#1 – How to develop a great attitude toward math in any middle/high school student, even those who dislike or are afraid of math.  

This workshop will introduce you to the Effective Math Education Triad and the Five Essential Ingredients of Successful Math Education (SPIKE).  You will learn proven methods to overcome your student’s fears and objections, and how to create a great attitude towards math in your student.  You’ll also discover some resources that make this very easy for you regardless of your own math knowledge and abilities.

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#2 – How to teach middle/high school math successfully.  

You will learn about Dr. Del’s Ten Tiered approach to teaching math to a wide array of students with different life objectives, and why  the Standard Math Curriculum is failing many students. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll learn how you can successfully deliver a great middle/high school math education to your student.  It all begins with a good Practical Math Foundation and the SPIKE delivery method.

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#3 – How to prepare your child to score well on the SAT/ACT for college bound students not going into a STEM subject.

Learn what to teach and what not to teach a student to excel on these standardized tests.  This is modeled on Tier 3 of Dr. Del’s Ten Tier Math Program. You’ll also be introduced to great $15 math textbook for Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and how Dr. Del uses it for Tier 3, and parts of Tier 4.

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#4 – Math the college bound STEM student needs to know.

A complicated subject, Dr. Del will explain the deficiencies of the standard math curriculum and arm you with tools to ensure your student’s success at the college level and beyond.  For example, learn why Complex Numbers are critical to your child’s success in science and engineering.  Learn how to prepare your student to compete with international students in math, science and engineering.

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#5 – How the Common Core Math Standards validates the Homeschool Movement.

The Common Core Standards are a hot topic today that most parents are fearful of or do not understand.  In this workshop, Dr. Del examines the objectives of the Common Core Math Standards and explains how you can easily meet them.  He  discusses the math power tools necessary for success, and how the Practical Math Foundation meets the Common Core Math Standards.  You will leave the workshop knowing there is a solution that will ensure you are meeting the Common Core Math Standards for middle and high school students.

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Dr. Del will be presenting Workshops # 1 – 4 at the 2014 Association of Peoria Area Christian Home Educators (APACHE) Convention April 25-26, 2014 in Peoria, IL.