Math Group Leader

An Important Message to Mathematics Group Leaders

Triad Math has an Offer for you…

bigstock-Phone-with-Earth-globe-23940935A Free Consultative Session via telephone with a renowned math teacher, Dr. Craig Hane, aka Dr. Del, for qualified group leaders in post-elementary math education.

If You are a “group leader” responsible for the math education of a group of post elementary math students, there is a revolutionary new way to lead your students to success in a very cost effective practical way.

To help you understand this, we are offering math group leaders a free one-on-one consultative session with Dr. Craig Hane, the creator of Triad Math’s revolutionary and amazingly successful, for the students, Ten Tier Mathematics Program.

In this consultation, Dr. Hane will explain why there are five very different categories of high school math students, each with unique needs, and how to meet these needs.  This will range from students that are currently “math failures” to your most brilliant students who wants to study a STEM subject at MIT.

Five Categories of Students math teachers are faced with, and what to do for them.

    1. A student who is afraid of math, or who doesn’t like math.  (Tier 1)Vintage abstract green background with flower
    2. A student who is beginning their post elementary math studies.  (Tier 2)
    3. A student who wants to score well on the SAT and ACT tests for college but who is not going into a subject requiring higher math.  (Tier 3)
    4. A STEM student who will need higher math for Science, Technology, Engineering, three of the so called STEM majors.  (Tiers 4, 5,& 6)
    5. A potential future mathematician whose math educational needs at this level greatly exceed those of future scientists or engineers.  (Tiers 7, 8, 9, & 10)

You should find this one of the most informative wisdom-inducing experiences regarding math education you will ever have.  It will literally transform your understanding and thinking about math education.  We guarantee it!

Just call Debbie Goodman, Program Director, to set up a consultative session with Dr. Hane at 812-355-3030.