Gifts for Young Adults

Gifts for Young Adults Explanation

In this 19 minute video, Dr. Del walks you through the gifts he is willing to share with any young adult as well as an offer for them.  The first half of the video is a basic explanation, while the last half is a more in-depth explanation.

Or… read the information covered in the video below or by downloading the PDF.


Young Adult Offer

First, Four videos that Dr. Craig Hane, aka Dr. Del, has created to teach any young adult how to become a very successful Adult. Probably best watched multiple times over a few days.

Go to: and press the Invest in Yourself Tab.

1. Invest in Yourself Video (15 Minutes)
How to achieve financial independence as an adult in late teens or early twenties. Quite do-able with determination and perseverance.

2. The “Mustard Seed” Story Video ( 9 Minutes)
How to live a wonderful life taught to Craig by a wonderful Sunday School teacher, Theron York, when Craig was about nine years old.

3. Learn about Dr. Craig Hane’s life Video (37 Minutes)
Now you will know how and why Dr. Hane, aka Dr. Del, is helping people transform their lives in a very positive way.

4. How to go to College Debt Free (17 Minute Video)
IF you decide to go to College or Trade School this is a must watch video.

Plus, A Gift: A FREE OnLine Interactive Program

Learn the Basics of Arithmetic Calculations with the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator – – – Quick and Easy!

Go to “The Succeed with Math Crusade” and get your $47 Gift.

 THEN, when you want to learn more, a revolutionary new product is available:

Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator Augmented Intelligence for 21st Century Students

This a 21st Century product that is only available thanks to several multi-billion dollar technologies that did not exist in the 20th Century.

A 180 page book of Notes and Exercises to go along with 25 Tutorial Videos, Interactive Online 24/7/365, Plus a Forum for questions, and much more, ALL For Only $14.99, from Amazon or perhaps from your Club or Church. and Press the Invest in Yourself Tab

THEN, if you are interested in more Math Programs that are Vastly Superior to the Standard Math Curriculum Programs, you will be given a $20 Coupon to apply to the purchase any of these amazing 21st Century Math Programs.

To fully understand them, and what would be optimal for any student, you are invited to read a few relevant Chapters in Dr. Hane’s new book.

How and Why Homeschool Math can be vastly Superior to Public School Math.

Just go to: and get your free copy, PDF texts and Videos

BOTTOM LINE: All students today can learn all of the Math they will need in their future career paths for many technical careers, the military, or any STEM subjects very much easier than even a decade ago, thanks to many new technologies and programs based on them.

IF a student dislikes Math or fears Math, then these videos and the Free sample programs are a MUST.

For many students this can be life transforming in a very positive way.Nothing to Lose, and Much to Gain!

Keep the Faith!

Oh yes, You may also want to watch a new video from Dr. Del titled,
Math Proves that God Exists.

You may contact Dr. Hane at:  Email: or Phone: 812-332-8179 (11 AM-3 PM, EST )

You also may schedule a ZOOM meeting for your Club or Church with Dr. Hane. Not to learn Math, but to learn About Math Education and how to give your children the best 21st Century Math Education possible, which is vastly superior to the old obsolete 20th Century Math Programs.