Would you like to significantly improve the Math Education of some teenage Student you know?

If Yes, here are a series of Videos I have created which will show you how to do it. In about One Hour you will learn all about many things about 21st Century Math Education that all Parents and Students should know.

1. Significantly Improve a Student’s Math Education

Watch 3 min. Video

2. Struggling Student who Dislikes Math

Watch 9 min. Video

3. Successful Student – Non College Bound

Watch 8 min. Video

4. College Bound Student

Watch 6 min. Video

5. STEM Student Math – Amazing!

Watch 15 min. Video

6. The Trillion Dollar Technologies Mountain

Watch 21 min. Video

7. “Golden Rule Math for All God’s Children” – Synopsis

Watch 12 min. Video

8. “How and Why Public School Math is Destroying the USA” – Synopsis

Watch 14 min. Video

9. “How and Why Homeschool Math can be Vastly Superior to Public School Math” – Synopsis

Watch 10 min. Video