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Our Mission is to help any student receive a great Math Education appropriate for his or her interests in life and to help each student become a Math Winner.

If and when you have a student who is ready to embark on such an education, and if you need help in delivering such an education, please watch Video #1 below, and then enroll your student in the Practical Math Foundation Course.

To learn more about how to create a Math Winner please watch Video #2 below.

If you are a parent or teacher, we offer you a wide variety of free resources to educate and guide you in your mission. You may retrieve some of them below, and others by visiting our two main websites linked below.

Video #1 (25 minutes). The Practical Math Foundation Course, a detailed description.

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*Four Monthly Payments of $39/ea (Total $156)

Video #2. How to Win with Math (47 minutes). Learn about the Effective Math Education Triad, the SPIKE Pedagogy method, and the Proper Content of the Ten Tier System.

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*Four Monthly Payments of $39/ea (Total $156)

Free Resources from Triad Math, Inc. and Dr. Del!

PDF eBooks:

High School Math Teacher’s Guide for Math Teachers

Teaching Math is Dr. Del’s “Manifesto” regarding Math Education, for anyone who wants to learn what is wrong with our current math education in the U.S. and how to correct it.  (Revelation: Throwing more money at our current system will NOT help.  In fact, a truly successful 21st Century math education system will be much less costly in many ways.)

How to Give Your Child a Great Math Education in Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry is for parents of post elementary math students.

Math? Help! is for students who are not succeeding at math, but would like to do so. They can!

Dr. Del’s Syllabi for anyone interested in math education:

Practical Math Foundation Syllabus PDF – Tiers 1 and 2

SAT/ACT Preparation Syllabus PDF – Tier 3

Math for the College Bound Student Syllabus PDF – Tier 4

Visit and for even more free resources to make your child’s math education a success.

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When you are ready to launch your student on a success path in his or her math education, enroll him or her in the Practical Math Foundation Course, which is fully guaranteed, of course.  For full details watch Video #1.

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button_Enroll Now $39STAR*Four Monthly Payments of $39/ea (Total $156)