Case Study: A Homeschool Co-Op

Case Study:  Homeschool Co-op Mathematics Study Group

JM is an engineer knowledgeable in math and a homeschool mom.  She taught math to a group of homeschool students from her local co-op and utilized the standard approach to teaching math last year.

She found it very challenging to jam 4-5 math lessons in one hour’s time in class.  The kids were also frustrated trying to recall at home what had been clear to them in class.  In short, she experienced what virtually any math teacher experiences with a group of students.

JM came across, the website of Dr. Craig Hane, aka Dr. Del to his students.  Here she learned the genesis of her and her students’ frustrations.  She learned how a truly successful math education should be delivered by reading two ebooks Dr. Del gave her:  “How to Give Your Child a Great Math Education in Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry” and “Math? Help!”  You may get your own copies of the books for free by visiting

But, JM was properly skeptical.  So she decided to take the Practical Math Foundation program herself. This program is online and interactive with notes, exercises, videos and quizzes.  She also enrolled a few of her students in this program too, including her daughter.

After a couple of hectic summer months she completed the Practical Math Foundation program, which is the first two Tiers of a Ten Tier comprehensive program.  She was quite amazed at the results, both for herself, but more importantly for her students.

As you will discover, a student can learn all of the practical Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, as well as how to use the TI 30XA calculator, to quickly solve practical problems that come up in many walks of life and jobs.

All in about 50 self-paced hours. There are a total of 65 Lessons.  Learning math is like climbing a ladder in small sequential steps.  It was quick, easy and fun.

Best of all, the students who feared and disliked math did well too, and it changed them from math “failures” into math “successes”.  Such is the “secret” of the Effective Math Education Triad, and thus the name Triad Math, Inc.

JM told Triad Math she would like to enroll a group of students in this program in the fall and act as their “coach” since Dr. Del does virtually all of the actual teaching.  She was able to do this for a total cost of $117 per student, plus a $9 TI 30XA calculator Dr. Del relies heavily on in the training.  He calls it the first Math Power Tool a student needs to learn about.

There is no text book to buy.  The Practical Math Foundation comes with a comprehensive set of PDF Notes and Exercises with Answers.  The training is delivered and tracked by Triad Math’s Learning Management System, which also delivers the videos, quizzes and certificates of completion for each topic.

To more fully understand how this system works you might want to visit  or and watch some of many videos which explain the problems and solutions to math education.

But for highest efficiency, you should read the two ebooks Dr. Hane has written referred to above.  They are free and take about an hour to read.  Just go to: and download your own copies.

The “proof of the pudding” will be to put some of your group’s students through the Practical Math Foundation and be amazed by the results.  As you might imagine, the Practical Math Foundation comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

To get started, contact Debbie Goodman, Program Director just like JM did a few months ago, to her great thankfulness.  Dr. Del’s program was an answer to her prayers.  Just call 812-355-3030 or send an email to

You are invited to join Dr. Del’s Matheracy Crusade which will improve the lives of many students of any post elementary age, and which will in turn improve the world we live in.

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